There’s art, and then there’s passion. ETglass is what happens when art and passion meet. Nestled in the historic city of Verona, Italy, ETglass creates unique artisan jewelry using the finest Murano glass which is sure to generate conversation.

As a young child, artist Katerina discovered a unique talent for crafting artwork that inspires others. She explored different mediums and styles until she found the perfect fusion between her Russian heritage and the Italian styles that she fell in love with.

After graduating with a degree in fashion industry and developing her skill as an artist, Katerina founded ETglass in 2014 in a small artisan studio. She began creating one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry using traditional glass-working techniques with a modern design flair. That gives her designs a timeless quality that will always look great on you.

Although ETglass has since moved into a larger studio that accommodate new machinery and equipment, but we’ve never forgot our humble beginnings. We’ve never lost sight of the fact that it’s you, the customer, that matters most. That’s why every piece is still handmade, one at a time. It’s not just jewelry – it’s a work of art.

murano glass coldworking process

Why we do it

ETglass doesn’t operate any factories or assembly. There are no warehouses stuffed full of mass-produced trinkets or imitation gemstones. We create each piece by hand to make sure that your jewelry is as unique as you are. We take pride in each and every design, and it shows.

Because we want you to love each piece as much as we do, we like to take time to get to know our clients. Tell us what you’re looking for and let us amaze you with the result. It’s about the art and the customer; we’re dedicated to both. We’re driven by developing unique artisan jewelry using featuring and innovative designs and using old-world techniques that will quickly become your favorite pieces from your collection.

Katerina delights in taking the raw materials – the Murano glass, the solid fixtures, beautiful gems, and precious metals – and turning them into something more. It’s the passion that drives her; it’s the passion that we all share. We want you to love your ETglass creation just as much as we do.

Murano glass kiln forming process

How we do it

Although her business has grown significantly, Katerina still creates all the glass herself in her own dedicated workshop. By combining traditional glass-fusing and lampworking techniques handed down for generations with contemporary style, you can be sure that your jewelry will collect compliments.

Just as she always has, Katerina personally inspects all of the material that will ultimately be worn by you. She only uses the highest-quality solid sterling silver fitting, which are plated with gold and other precious metals. She directly sources the genuine venetian millefiori and Murano glass from local venetian suppliers and will not accept anything but the best material for your jewelry.

ETglass is proud to use environmentally-friendly and sustainable production methods. We’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint, eliminating waste, and embracing clean, renewable energy sources. Our glass-fusing kilns use digital temperature controls for efficient energy consumption and our efficient gas torches eliminate the environmental impact found in industrial operations. Our responsible methodology allows you to make a statement and an impact.

murano glass lampworking process

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